Grateful Dead backstage passes allowed a select group of VIP fans to access the backstage areas, providing a unique close encounter with their idols and a behind the scenes look at the technical marvels of a Grateful Dead show.

First and foremost, these passes were designed to enhance the security of the Dead and their family by providing an easily distinguishable and counterfeit-proof "badge" that identified its holder as being vetted for attendance.  In addition, this identification prevented authorized guests from scrutiny by the security team. 

Under the direction of Grateful Dead Productions and in collaboration with Crest-Craft, these passes soon became a diverse and sought after body of work that, as often was the case with the Dead, pushed the boundaries of conventional design and function.  Literally hundreds of unique designs and variations of designs were minted.  Beginning in spring of 1983 using classic Grateful Dead iconry, the collection evolveded to include everthing from band and crew family albums, original sketches by Jerry Garcia, the notorious puzzle sets developed in conjunction with artist Tony Reonegro and ended with the Marvel Comics collaboration of 1995 and Jerry's passing.

These Grateful Dead Satin passes are guaranteed authentic, first run production, in mint condition.  Direct from the designers vault, the quality and value of this collection is unsurpassed.