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WS02 DCMA Americana Plaques

DCMA Americana Series award plaques feature your recognition message and DCMA emblem, framed in a beautifully sculpted cast metal scroll. Solid brass inserts are available in your choice of black or assorted marble finishes. Each Americana award is individually packaged in a handsome wood grained gift box. 


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Enamel Emblem, Green

Americana Plate Colors
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Product Quantity Discounts
Emblem Type Size Color 1-5 6-11 12+ Qty
Etched Enamel 8"X10" Red Marble $75.61 $69.75 $65.05
Etched Enamel 8"X10" Blue Marble $75.61 $69.75 $65.05
Etched Enamel 8"X10" Green Marble $75.61 $69.75 $65.05
Etched Enamel 8"X10" Black $75.61 $69.75 $65.05
Etched Enamel 9"x12" Red Marble $81.49 $75.61 $69.75
Etched Enamel 9"x12" Blue Marble $81.49 $75.61 $69.75
Etched Enamel 9"x12" Green Marble $81.49 $75.61 $69.75
Etched Enamel 9"x12" Black $81.49 $75.61 $69.75
Price $00.00